Does Server 2003/2008 have TCP connection limits like XP and Vista? RRS feed

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  • We are working with a vendor that is claiming all Server 2003/2008 versions have the same TCP stack limitations that are imposed on XP and Vista.. and this is resulting in the poor performance of his application.

    This instantly started to stink so I need to sort this out before I throw up the BS flag.

    I'm aware of the incoming and outgoing restrictions on on the various systems that are more inline with workstations or home computers.  I also saw on the MS documentation that the Server 2003 Web Edition also had a 10 connection limit and a beta of SP1 did as well.   Other than that, I find nothing that indicates there are limits imposed on connections.

    The whole idea of throttling a server at the TCP stack seems ridiculous to me considering that they are designed to handle extreme loads.  I am also willing to grant that maybe it is throttled per CPU core.  Maybe XX connections per core.  An 8-way server would have 8X the connection input as a single core.  But still, that seems like stretch.

    Is there any MS documentation stating what the connection limits are (if any) for the servers?

    Friday, May 1, 2009 3:36 PM