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  • I am using TeamCity as my CI server and work with VS2008 for my projects.
    I am currently at a loss for achieving the simplest of tasks:

    I want teamcity to run ALL the tests in my solution after a successful build, and I assumed that I could specify a file pattern to MSTest in order to achieve this, i.e:
    >MSTest.exe /testcontainer:*Test.dll
    However this just returns File name "*test.dll" is invalid.

    So I proceeded to try to use the vsmdi file, but this requires of me that I remember to add all tests that I write to the test lists, something that is utterly uncomfortable, easy to forget, thus prone to fail as the server will only run tests that are in lists.

    To each project in a solution, we have a corresponding test project (i.e. WeirdService.csproj --> WeirdServiceTest.csproj ) and all the test projects compile to a specific test folder, so it would all just be a matter of specifying the file pattern to run them all.

    Am I just missing something completely basic, or is it really not possible to do this?
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