Windows 10 WinUSB problem with composite device: This device cannot start. (Code 10) RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I have problems accessing my USB device with WinUSB in Windows 10.

    It is a composite device with two interfaces. It's not a WCID and has an IAD. I was using Windows 7 before and used the Zadig tool to replace the usbccgp from windows to get access to both interfaces with WinUSB. This worked as expected and I was able to develop the host side access functionality.

    Now I switched to Windows 10 and try to do the same but there seems to be no way to get access to the interfaces. I'm using Zadig again, the installation works but then I always get a message after plug in of the devicde that says "This device cannot start. (Code 10)", "A device which does not exist was specified.".

    I do not have much experience with windows drivers and kindly ask to get some support for this Windows 10 problem.

    The inf file looks like this:

    DeviceName = "MyMIFdevice"
    VendorName = "RD"
    SourceName = "MyMIFdevice Install Disk"
    DeviceID   = "VID_2407&PID_1002"
    DeviceGUID = "{85785C1D-4A15-4FC2-91A2-EB7681E48C6F}"
    Signature   = "$Windows NT$"
    Class       = "USBDevice"
    ClassGuid   = {88bae032-5a81-49f0-bc3d-a4ff138216d6}
    Provider    = "libwdi"
    CatalogFile = MyMIFdevice.cat
    DriverVer   = 03/30/2015, 6.1.7600.16385
    Addreg = WinUSBDeviceClassReg
    HKR,,,0,"Universal Serial Bus devices"
    %VendorName% = libusbDevice_WinUSB,NTx86,NTamd64,NTarm
    %DeviceName% = USB_Install, USB\%DeviceID%
    %DeviceName% = USB_Install, USB\%DeviceID%
    %DeviceName% = USB_Install, USB\%DeviceID%
    Include = winusb.inf
    Needs   = WINUSB.NT
    Include    = winusb.inf
    AddService = WinUSB,0x00000002,WinUSB_ServiceInstall
    DisplayName   = "WinUSB - Kernel Driver 03/30/2015 6.1.7600.16385"
    ServiceType   = 1
    StartType     = 3
    ErrorControl  = 1
    ServiceBinary = %12%\WinUSB.sys
    KmdfService = WINUSB, WinUsb_Install
    KmdfLibraryVersion = 1.11
    AddReg = AddDeviceInterfaceGUID
    ; Avoids adding a DeviceInterfaceGUID for generic driver
    AddReg    = CoInstallers_AddReg
    CopyFiles = CoInstallers_CopyFiles
    CoInstallers_CopyFiles = 11
    1 = %SourceName%
    WinUSBCoInstaller2.dll = 1,x86
    WdfCoInstaller01011.dll = 1,x86
    WinUSBCoInstaller2.dll = 1,amd64
    WdfCoInstaller01011.dll = 1,amd64
    WinUSBCoInstaller2.dll = 1,arm
    WdfCoInstaller01011.dll = 1,arm

    Friday, January 27, 2017 11:20 AM