MSDN Office Release Notes - February 2014 RRS feed

  • General discussion

  • The February 2014 release contains updates made to Microsoft Office Protocols documents since November 2013. 


    Microsoft Office File Formats links:

    Microsoft Office Protocols links:

    SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocols links:

    Word, Excel and PowerPoint Standards Support links:

    The following new specifications have been added:

    • [MS-3DMDTP]: Data Visualization: 3-D Map Data Tour File Format

    The following Office protocols have been archived:

    • None.

    The following known issues exist in this release:

    • Graphics not displaying properly in PDF format: Some graphics are missing in the PDF format of the documents below. They are properly displayed on their corresponding MSDN version.
      • MS-CONFBAS (section 1.3.2, figure 2) – MSDN version
      • MS-CONFPRO (section, figure 12 and section, figure 14) – MSDN version
      • MS-GRVHENC (section 4.3, figure 27) – MSDN version
      • MS-GRVSSTP (section 4.2.3, figure 16 and section 4.2.5, figure 18) – MSDN version
      • MS-OCPROTO (section 3.1, figure 16) – MSDN version
      • MS-PST (section 2.3.2, figure 5) – MSDN
      • MS-SPO (section, figure 22) – MSDN version
    • Revision summary not indicating changes: The Revision Summary section for MS-OCGCWEB indicates that no change was made in the document since 2012. However the following minor additions were made for the 11/18/2013 release. No other changes have been made for this release.
      • Addition of the term "in-band provisioning" in the glossary
      • Clarification of the definition appropriate for web application in this document
    Monday, February 10, 2014 10:13 PM