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  • Dear Sir,

    Our Chakma Language (Script) UNICODE range is 11100-1114F. It is newly-defined blocks in version 6.1 are available (see Here is pdf version ( see Here is include with names list (See Here is names list with details description (see

    But, many of the UNICODE language (Script) such as: Bengali (see, Mayanmar (see, Tamil (see etc are showing correctly. On the other hand, our language (Script) is not showing correctly. What is the proper reason? How can it is showing on any Operating System (like : Windowns, Mac, Apple etc)? Please some suggest me. 

    Anyway, I'm creating  ANSI Chakma font like "Alaam", Bargee etc (see But, how can I create a UNICODE Chakma font? How can I see it on any OS? I look forward your best suggestion.




    Bivuti Chakma

    Admin of

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  • Hi Bivuti Chakma,

    Please try to contact our Microsoft typography community channels on

    Or you could dicusse the Font Development questions that forum.

    Here is for the Windows Desktop Software development compatibility issues, but not cnvers the Font development.

    Bob Bao [MSFT]
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    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 7:10 AM