How to subclass FederationServiceCredentials to remap user tokens to custom security token handlers RRS feed

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  • WIF and WCF have merged in dotNet4.5+, meaning I can the following HERE.

    How do I register my own subclass of the WIF-introduced servicecrednentials, tokenmanagers, token providers - so I can direct which handler is used by WCF to process a username token?

    I suspect that I need to subclass FederatedServiceCredentials and FederatedSecurityTokenManager so that when WIF securitytoken handlers are used (rather than WCF authenticator classes) I can direct from my own mapping code which handler is used, when authenticating an inbound token.

    Today, the WIF-inserted securitytokenprovider resolver maps an inbound username token to the one (and only one) token handler to be registered (and derived from those handlers types intended for processing user name tokens).

    In much the same way that WIF-enhanced WCF services are augmented with an IServieBehaviour (which sets up the above class of handler-based mapping of inbound token authentication), I presumably need to introduce my own behavior whici introduces my own subclass of federatedservicecredentials, tokenmanager (the resolver of token requirements), tokenprovider

    Saturday, August 10, 2013 5:29 PM

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