Adapter generated with Adapter Wizzard does not write Service name correct to the message RRS feed

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  • I used the Adapter Wizard on codeplex to generate the basis for my adapter.

    The adapter polls the databases and reads a BLOB in a chunked manner. The chunking is done in a streaming fashion so the adapter essentially does the following.

    1. Poll for data 
    2. If data is found create a stream that represents the binary data (Do no reading at all)
    3. Pass that stream in to the CreateMessageas shown below

            private IBaseMessage CreateMessage(Stream stream)
                stream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
                IBaseMessagePart part = this.messageFactory.CreateMessagePart();
                part.Data = stream;
                IBaseMessage message = this.messageFactory.CreateMessage();
                message.AddPart("body", part, true);
                //  We must add these context properties
                SystemMessageContext context = new SystemMessageContext(message.Context);
                context.InboundTransportLocation = this.uri;
                context.InboundTransportType = this.transportType;
                //  Any particular application specific context properties
                //  you want on the message add them here...
                return message;

    Everything works really fine and when processing 40 streams of 30 mb each the footprint of the adapter stays below 90 MB so I am very happy with that.

    But during testing when receiving some very large messages did not have a 'Service Name' and 'Service class' set to them. IS there anybody who knows how to set those ? Normally you cannot see these values cause any adapter is too fast. But in this case consuming a really large message can take several minutes so then i want this to be visible..


    can anybody help



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    Monday, September 19, 2011 3:32 PM