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  • Hi All.

    I have form with datagrid. How to binding columns of datagrid to EF table. That is code of datagrid:

    <DataGrid Name="F_Employee_DG" ToolTip="View and edit employees">
            <DataGridTextColumn Header="First Name" Width="150" SortMemberPath="FirstName" IsReadOnly="True"/>
            <DataGridTextColumn Header="Last Name" Width="150" SortMemberPath="LastName" IsReadOnly="True"/>
            <DataGridTextColumn Header="Email Address" Width="150" SortMemberPath="EmailAddress" IsReadOnly="True"/>
            <DataGridTemplateColumn Header="Edit">
                        <Button Name="btnEdit" Content="Edit"  />

    Will appreciate for detail explanation. Thanks.

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  • WPF can be discussed at its forum.


    Monday, May 18, 2020 4:20 PM
  • You can check out the following starting with the XAML above the section Adding a Details grid. You need to set the Grid's DataContext.

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    NuGet BaseConnectionLibrary for database connections.

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  • I change XAML to:

    <DataGrid Name="F_Employees_DG" ItemsSource="{Binding Path={}}" ToolTip="View and edit users" Style="{StaticResource DataGridStyle}"> <DataGrid.Columns> <DataGridTextColumn Header="First Name" Binding="{Binding Path=FirstName}" Width="150" SortMemberPath="FirstName" IsReadOnly="True"/> <DataGridTextColumn Header="Last Name" Binding="{Binding Path=LastName}" Width="150" SortMemberPath="LastName" IsReadOnly="True"/> <DataGridTextColumn Header="Email Address" Binding="{Binding Path=EmailAddress}" Width="150" SortMemberPath="EmailAddress" IsReadOnly="True"/> <DataGridTextColumn Header="Department Name" Binding="{Binding Path=DepartmentName}" Width="150" SortMemberPath="DepartmentName" IsReadOnly="True"/>    <DataGridTemplateColumn Header="Ed" Width="32">

                    <Button Name="EditRecord" Background="Transparent" BorderBrush="Transparent" BorderThickness="0" ToolTip="Click to edit record">
                        <Image Source="Resources/EditB.png" Height="20" Width="20" />


    And C# the Load method has code:

    using (Model1 context = new Model1())
       Employee_DG.ItemsSource = context.Employees.ToList();

    The problem is fixed. For me need to figure out how to populate and filter DataGrid by TextBox value in Data Layer of the project.


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