NetShareAdd API deprecated in windows server 2012?? RRS feed

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  • Hi i have been using the netshareadd c++ command for a long time to create Share folders for my AD users However with the current 2012 windows server when i attempt to create a file using netshareadd it throws up an error (Err in create share res: 5 parm_err: 0). the share folder gets created but its share permissions are not set.

    I have double checked that the user is a domain admin and has the privileges to create a share

    I have also manually tried to create the share folder using the impersonated user and it gets created and share permissions are set correctly.

    Also when i execute the same program on any server prior to windows 2008r2 it works fine.

    Kindly help me out guys.

    Thursday, September 19, 2013 8:35 AM