Need basic understanding of calls to Downloader and Web Services RRS feed

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  • When we're working with Silverlight, it runs on the client. That's clear to me. So certain actions must be restricted to protect the client's PC. Again, I understand that. Ok. So from a client I want to reach back to my server and grab a JPG. I gotta use the downloader object, which comes with several restrictions about same domain and stuff.

    Could someone point me at an Overview of how Downloader object and WebService calls get back to my server? SPECIFICALLY from a Visual Studio project, where everything is all on one box? I've been trying to get the Silverlight Surface demo (http://silverlight.net/samples/1.1/SilverlightSurface/Run/default.html) to run locally on my VS 2008 platform .... sigh


    Saturday, January 26, 2008 9:53 AM


  • FWIW, download image and media assets doesn't require the downloader object. You can ref them from your <Image> or <MediaElement> tag and they'll come down automatically. Cross-domain restrictions do not extend to images and media

    From within a Visual Studio project, you'll need to manually set up a web site and ensure your silverlight project executes from within that site, same port. 

    This gets better in 2.0. :)


    Saturday, January 26, 2008 8:01 PM