Visual Studio 2015 will not run UWP apps from secondary drive


  • This has been very frustrating and can't for the life of me figure out a solution to this.

    I'm running Windows 10 (clean install) with developer-mode enabled, Visual Studio 2015 Community (with update 1 + all relevant tools).

    My primary (C:) drive is an ssd and I have a secondary hdd I use for the bulk of my storage needs (the D drive). Visual Studio 2015 is installed on the c drive and I store my projects on the secondary drive.

    If I create a new UWP project on my D drive I cannot run it any mode whatsoever (neither Debug nor Release). I get the following errors:

    • An unhandled win32 exception occured in {project name}.exe [{process id}].
    • Unable to activate Windows Store app "{project guid}!App. The {project name}.exe process started, but the activation request failed with error 'The app didn't start'.
    • The program'{project name}' has exited with the code -532462766 (0xe0434352).

    After digging around online a bit I found a few posts about Visual Studio 2015 requiring UWP apps to be on the same drive as visual studio (the C: drive). I also seen that this was an known issue that was supposed to be fixed in the recent visual studio 2015 update. 

    Of course, if I keep my project files on my C drive, everything works fine but I have an SSD with limited storage and cannot be wasting space on this drive for every single UWP app I develop...

    After updating visual studio 2015, as well as running a repair on it AND running system file checker in admin console (came back clean) I can still not get any UWP app to run if the project file is not on my C drive.

    Is there any sort of fix to this???

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