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  • Hi there

    I just want to create Stored Procedure which will do following thing

            i)  Create a text file, which will have a Schema Script(including all the constraint & others, for a database(by passing Parameter)

            ii) the same file must also have, all the data from the selected database           tables,in again plain text format (could be CSV, or Tab SV, etc...)

    I mean to say, the file should be act as the full backup of database, in plain text.

    The same need to be done in the reverse order,this SP will do following things

             i)Open the file created by first SP, create new database, with same name as backup in SP one

            ii) create the tables, by reading the Schema script.

            iii) Insert all the data in corrsponding tables.

    For EX:

          --creating backup




    I know abou the Backup & restore in SQL Server 2005, but they gives me backup as .bkp file which is not editable. I too cant use the SSIS(just only SPs)

    I want an editable full Backup and Restore.

    Please help me in creating these SPs or any other idea, solution ?


    any other FREE third party tool which will make the database backup & restore in one go & in plain text file.



    Gurpreet S. Gill



    Tuesday, October 3, 2006 6:40 AM