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  • General discussion

  • Can someone comment on the fidelity of Kinect for following features?

    1. Pose estimation (body posture of the user should be estimated and represented on screen)
    2. Pose comparison (the above body posture should be compared with an existing posture in the database)
    3. Scale invariance (comparison should be scale invariant)
    4. Occlusion invariance (comparison should be occlusion invariant)
    5. Good noise performance (comparison should work in low light / bright light conditions)
    6. User invariance (comparison should be invariant to user clothes / skintones, etc.)
    7. EndFragment App compliant with Kinect’s HIG (app demonstrating best UX practices for Kinect like audio input, menu interfaces as regards to Healthcare industry)
    Tuesday, December 16, 2014 3:28 AM