How to detect 'project my screen' is running on window phone or if it connected to a wireless display?


  • Hi 

    I have a requirement to stop playing DRMed video content on PC or compatible device.

    so I want to detect this two status:

    1.  if  "Project My Screen"is running when the winphone device connected to PC.

    for this situation,I only found a way to detect if the usb cable plugged by a api named "DeviceStatus.PowerSource" which can get the status if the winphone device is plugged in to an external power source, such as being docked to a computer or connected to a power supply.


    2. if the winphone has been connected to a wireless display?

    for this situation, I found i can detect if the device of a wireless display existed by "Windows::Devices::Enumeration::DeviceWatcher", but I do not find a way to detect if it has been connected to the phone as a external display.

    Please help to solve it.

    Thanks very much!

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