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  • hi..  finding it a problem when someone posts a good help - post, but when there is no answer it would be misleading to readers, to have it marked as answered..  then the flip side:  the person who helped gets no credit.  (just a big hole in the deal).

    other:  i've done product review.  pages have a blue button where to click for making a post but the button (to me)  is clearly a banner header & not a button.  don't know how many times left page thinking wt :)  for yeah might have seen a suggestion you can make a post here somehow - but .. again:  the effect is its not a button at all.  thanks.

    answer:  Ask a question  < click here
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    Sunday, November 27, 2016 10:36 PM

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  • Not sure I am on the same wave length as yourself because I am having difficulty following understanding what the problem is. However, if you scroll down from this post there is a wide horizontal blue bar across the screen with the words "Help us to improve MSDN" and a button beside it containing the caption "Make a suggestion".

    Suggest that you post in the "Make a suggestion".

    Regards, OssieMac

    Monday, November 28, 2016 10:00 PM
  • hi,  been awhile,  but have run into some problems in getting back.  having some down time, thanks for the help.

    think i just meant that the item for ask a question looked more like a banner and not a button.  guesse you might have got that,  will follow up on your suggestion.  thanks.  not sure i see a "mark as answered" button for your post..

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    Monday, March 27, 2017 9:57 PM