PowerPivot 1.1 bug in Excel 2013 RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    Basically the last column name in the function when using powerpivot is suddenly case-sensitive after upgrading to Windows 8 and Excel 2013. The other parts of the function isnt case sensitive.

    Time calculations also seem to be done in some other way, had to change to Macintosh-date style (1904, thats by the way the weirdest translation of "1904" Ive ever seen :) ).


    =ABS(OMFEL(HÄMTA.PIVOTDATA("[Measures].[Lägsta antal Tid till Avslutad]";'Data för SLA'!$B$37;"[Requests].[PrioriTy84]";"[Requests].[Prioriy84].&[2]");0)) Works well

    =ABS(OMFEL(HÄMTA.PIVOTDATA("[Measures].[Lägsta antal Tid till Avslutad]";'Data för SLA'!$B$37;"[Requests].[Priority84]";"[Requests].[PrioriTy84].&[2]");0)) Doesnt work at all.

    Is there some way of searching and replacing all cases of "Priority84" or any other column name to make sure nothing is misspelled? Going through ALL the functions of this will take a while.

    Wednesday, December 4, 2013 10:13 AM


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