Emails stall in Outlok Outbox, when FSLOGIX is active. RRS feed

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  • User A is on the include list, and logs into a Citrix VDA with FSLOGIX installed. Their mailbox is cached. Good.

    User B is NOT in the include list, and logs into the same Citrix VDA with FSLOGIX gpos applied. Their mailbox is non cached. Good.

    As expected. 


    When user A sends an email, it leaved the Outbox immediately. 

    When user B sends an email, it stalls in the Outbox for about 20-30 seconds before being sent. 

    Both users have O365 mailboxes, and are for all intents and purporses identical. 

    If user B logs into a VM where FXLOGIX is not installed / activated, the emails leave the outbox right away. 

    Now, normally this isn't that big of an issue - but since we are using a published application that spawns outlook from time to time, the emails never leave the Outbox in outlook, since it isn't open (in the background) for long enough.

    They just accumulate. If the user opens Outlook manually, either in a full desktop session or if we publish it - the emails all leave the outbox after the mentioned waiting period. 

    Has anyone noticed this behaviour? 

    Also, this happens with all users and all VDAs. Not an isolated issue. 

    Tuesday, August 11, 2020 1:30 PM