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  • Using ew4, on a windows xp desktop, did the recent update for we4 through windows.   We had the problem both before and after the update.

    I'm not sure if it is related but here are our recent activities that may or may not have had an affect.  We had been making updates without issue for a while.  Then we purchased a new wireless router, and hooked the external hard drive that we store all of our files on to the usb connection on the router.  This required a change in the path for the expression web site.  We made no changes in the site after we changed the path, but the router didn't work out and we moved the external hard drive back to direct connection to the desk top xp computer.  Rewrote the path again in expression web, seemed to be fine. 

    However, now, every time we change anything on any page--add text, create a link, pretty much anything, then upload the changed page to the remote server, we lose our includes pages (navbar and footer).  In MSW4 the page looks fine--navbar and footer are both visible, but when you go to the web page the navbar and footer are gone.  We have found a temporary "fix" by bringing up the includes browser for the navbar, browsing to any other page whatever, selecting it, saving it, closing it, and then going back and doing it all over again to select the correct includes page (menu.html) saving it and uploading it....and then BOTH the navbar and the footer reappear on the web page.

    Can anyone tell us what is going on?  How can we fix this so we don't have to run fourteen times around the mulberry bush every time we want to change a page?

    Monday, May 9, 2011 10:58 PM

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  • How are you accessing the files on the router? Through a server path //device/folder or through a mapped drive letter?

    Expression Web doesn't play well with unc (//server) paths because it needs access to the local temporary folder on the device/server to maintain the meta data which it sounds like it isn't able to do.

    You may be able to use your current set up IF you map the remote drive to a local drive letter on your system. That should allow it to use the local temp folder and keep the meta data updated correctly so your includes function properly.

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    Monday, May 9, 2011 11:31 PM
  • We are actually no longer trying to go through the router--it (the router) was for crap, so we went back to our old setup and plugged the external drive directly into the pc (like it was before) and the path is now //I(drive)/website

    However, when I did have it hooked up to the router, I had mapped the drive so that it was through a mapped drive letter.

    Our problems started after we put the drive back the way it was.  Everything but the includes work correctly. 

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011 12:43 AM