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    I'm hoping someone can clarify this issue for me - I have a physical server with a single static IP exposed through my broadband connection. On the server I have 2 hyper-v instances with IIS installed on that I wish to expose to the internet. All are on the same domain. Am I right in thinking that if I wish to access the 2 VM's with IIS on the internet i.e from a domain name for instance, I will need to expose them with their own static IP addresses?


    Any help/advice appreciated.



    Thursday, July 24, 2008 9:51 AM

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  • The need for static addresses depends on your internet provider, or networking setup.  but at the very least you are going to have to have the system names registered with a DNS server of some sort so that other systems will be able to find them by name.  There are ways to do that with systems that have dynamic addresses, but in general static addresses are easier.


    From the perspective of the outside world it has no way to know those systems are virtual machines.  it appears to them as if you have a small network switch and three systems talking through the switch.   The physical network card on your system looks like a port on a switch, and the switch appears as if connected to three network cards inside three physical machines.  The first of those virtual cards is the existing fixed IP for your host partition,  the other two cards are for the two guest OS's, and will be using either DHCP or fixed IP addresses depending on how you set them up.


    Reading this Blog Entry by John Howard might help you understand what's happening



    Wednesday, August 6, 2008 10:29 PM