Getting error in Receiver Location for WCF-Custom for SAP RRS feed

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  • Dear All,

    After sending the IDOC from SAP system getting error in Biztalk

    The adapter "WCF-Custom" raised an error message. Details "System.InvalidOperationException: Unable to find match for inbound body path expression "/*[local-name()='ReceiveIdoc']/*[local-name()='idocData']" in message.
       at Microsoft.BizTalk.Adapter.Wcf.Runtime.WcfMarshaller.CreateBizTalkMessageStream(Message wcfMessage, IAdapterConfigInboundMessageMarshalling config, TLConfig tlConfig, RLConfig rlConfig)
       at Microsoft.BizTalk.Adapter.Wcf.Runtime.WcfMarshaller.CreateBizTalkMessage(IBaseMessageFactory messageFactory, IAdapterConfigInboundMessageMarshalling marshallingConfig, Message wcfMessage, TLConfig tlConfig, RLConfig rlConfig)
       at Microsoft.BizTalk.Adapter.Wcf.Runtime.WcfMarshaller.CreateBizTalkSubmitMessage(IBaseMessageFactory factory, String inboundTransportLocation, String inboundTransportType, RLConfig config, Message wcfMessage, String ssoToken)
       at Microsoft.BizTalk.Adapter.Wcf.Runtime.BizTalkSubmitBase..ctor(Message message, BizTalkEndpointContext endpointContext, ControlledTermination control, AsyncCallback realCallback, String ssoToken)
       at Microsoft.BizTalk.Adapter.Wcf.Runtime.BizTalkRequestResponse..ctor(Message message, AsyncCallback callback, Object state, BizTalkEndpointContext endpointContext, String ssoToken, ControlledTermination control)
       at Microsoft.BizTalk.Adapter.Wcf.Runtime.BizTalkOperation.Create(Message message, AsyncCallback callback, Object state, String ssoToken, Boolean bizTalkOneWay, BizTalkEndpointContext endpointContext, ControlledTermination control)
       at Microsoft.BizTalk.Adapter.Wcf.Runtime.BizTalkServiceInstance.BeginOperation(Message message, AsyncCallback callback, Object state, Boolean bizTalkOneWay)".

    Monday, September 18, 2017 6:42 PM

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  • What pipeline are you using?

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    Mauricio Feijo

    Monday, September 18, 2017 7:44 PM
  • Hi,

    What are you trying to do here??

    Have you checked the xpath if it is correct??

    You can get the xpath from the Biztalk schema editor.

    Select the Node for which you want the xpath and then go to its properties, there you will be able to extract the xpath from the instance xpath

    I see that the namespaces are missing in the xpath.

    Check if the namespace are missing in the instance xpath in Biztalk schema editor.

    Kindly confirm if it is same.

    Mandar Dharmadhikari

    Tuesday, September 19, 2017 3:48 AM