Differences in CPU usage measured via Perfmon vs. xperf/ETW CPU sampling RRS feed

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  • Hoping someone out there can help me with this, been looking around but can't seem to find any specific answer for how the \Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time counter is calculated and why it might differ from what is observed when looking at CPU samples using Event-Tracing-for-Windows (ETW) logs.

    Here's my scenario...  I recently ran a load test on a service and collected data against it in two ways...

    1) I collected various performance counters throughout the perf run including \Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time.  To measure the relative load on the CPU.

    2) I collected an ETW CPU stack trace on the box for about 60 seconds of the run using perfview.

    I noticed something interesting when looking into these two datasets and comparing them.

    In the data from #1 that coincided with the time I collected #2, the processor looked like it was very lightly loaded.  The average value of the % Processor Time counter was around 7%.  However, when looking at the ETW CPU stack trace, the % Weight of the CPU samples in the Idle process was around ~60%... which seems to imply that the CPU usage was actually around 30%.

    I thought that the % Processor Time performance counter was calculated by taking the number of % CPU samples taken in the Idle process and subtracting that from 100%.  But if that's the case, when I looked at the ETW CPU trace, why did following the same algorithm lead to a different result?

    Friday, July 20, 2012 10:43 PM