Optimization techniques in U-SQL


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    I have much experience working on scope and cosmos. Now I am using U-Sql with Azure Data Lake Store. As per my knowledge we have Azure Data Lake Store Table instead of structured stream in Cosmos. In Cosmos we have many features like mentioned below for optimizating scope script. I want to know whether all of them are avialalbe in U-SQL or not? If yes, then whether there are any differences in Cosmos vs U-SQL? If you point me any page link having full documentation on all optimizations, then it will be great.

    1. Clustering in structured stream. Different types of clustering.
    2. Sorting in structured stream
    3. Partitioning in structured stream
    4. Recursive Reducer
    5. Column Pruning in Processor
    6. Referencing another stream while creating stream
    8. Secondary Index
    9. Provide dependency of columns in Processor
    10. Pass through Column in Processor
    11. Mentioning Cardinality in processor
    12. Mentioning partitions in processor 

    Thank you.
    Tuesday, February 14, 2017 5:08 AM


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