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  • First of all I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section.

    Well I learned to program when I was 13 and since then have never moved out of my "comfort zone" (that being me coding simple programs like data-storages, etc), every now and then I hop from an interesting project to another, but rarely find interest in something particular. As a matter of fact I've always wanted to get into web development as lots of my ideas are more suitable for a web page rather than a windows program. Anywho, I downloaded VS 2015 and tried to get my hands around ASP .NET (I already have enough knowledge in coding in general: C#, VB and C/C++, little bit of x86 asm and so on) but I couldn't seem to find a proper book or article that could help me start off.

    Not gonna lie at this point I am totally lost, the more I dig deeper into searches the more things come up to me, I ended up somewhere in this .NET Core/Visual Studio Code and so on... So basically my questions are:

    - Can someone link me to an article or tutorial or book or whatever to help me get my hands around ASP .NET MVC (I guess that's v4.6 of the .NET)? [Btw I already know how the MVC model works]

    - Can somebody explain in short words the difference between .NET Core/ ASP .NET Core/ VS Code from the .NET Framework/ ASP .NET/ Visual Studio Community?

    Once again I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section as well as for my total lack of knowledge (I'm really outdated).

    Regards, Elio.

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  • Hi,

    This is Visual C# forum. As your issue is related to Web, please ask your question into ASP.Net forum for getting quick response. I am moving your thread to off-topic.


    Your understanding and cooperation will be grateful.

    Sabah Shariq

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