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  • Hello,

    I create a simple render library based on Dx12. And it goes pretty smooth in common debugger or in release build.

    Nevertheless, it throws an exception if I try to launch it in Graphics Debugging mode.

    Here is my code around building PSO -

    Exception text:

    Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFB93085549 in Engine.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: GRFXTool::ToolException at memory location 0x000000E9F2EFBE60.


      KernelBase.dll!00007ffb93085549() Unknown
      ucrtbase.dll!00007ffb9228a97d() Unknown
      DXCaptureReplay.dll!00007ffb2e5e9f58() Unknown
      DXCaptureReplay.dll!00007ffb2e6e6bf9() Unknown
      DXCaptureReplay.dll!00007ffb2e620be3() Unknown
      DXCaptureReplay.dll!00007ffb2e64bbd0() Unknown
      DXCaptureReplay.dll!00007ffb2e60220d() Unknown
      DXCaptureReplay.dll!00007ffb2e602b92() Unknown
      D3D12.dll!00007ffb3e4baf05() Unknown
      D3D12.dll!00007ffb3e548f4b() Unknown
      d3d12SDKLayers.dll!00007ffb2e2cbe69() Unknown
      DXCaptureReplay.dll!00007ffb2e74990b() Unknown
      DXCaptureReplay.dll!00007ffb2e94ece1() Unknown
      XRender12.dll!RenderEngine::CreatePSO() Line 544 C++

    Process dump


    Also, there is no any warning or error from debug layer of DirectX.

    Can you please help me to make Graphics Debugging work for my library.

    Best Regards,


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  • I'm seeing the same exception creating a command list.

    I'm using an Intel HD 4400 on a Surface Pro 2 when this occurs.
    Friday, May 24, 2019 9:19 PM