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  • I have a couple of bugs to report in the Microsoft Project API. (VSTO/C#, but these have been checked in VBA, also.)

    1. Application.Screenupdating = false does not work, and has not worked for a long time. (Since MS Project 2013, as least). It currently does nothing.

    2. Application.BoxSet does not work for subprojects. You can provide it with the subproject name, as called for in the object model, but it does not set the box. (This is in the Network Diagram view.) This issue is an old one also, since at least MS Project 2013.

    2. Project.SubProjects does not increment it's count or add any new subprojects to itself once two subprojects with the same name have been added to a project. In fact, once two subprojects with the same name are added to a project, it no longer adds any new subprojects to itself, even if one of the two subprojects is deleted from the project.

    For example:

    I can add three subprojects to a project. Let's call them Project1, Project2, and Project3 for simplicity. If I look for a subproject.count, the API will tell me 3 projects, at this point.

    If I add another subproject from another folder called Project3, and then look for a subproject count, the API will tell me 3 projects. This new project was never added to the Subprojects list.

    If I delete the last subproject (the second "Project3") and then add more subprojects (lets say Project5,  Project6, and Project7), and then look for a subproject count, the API will still tell me 3. No new subprojects will ever be added to that project (according to the API), no matter if I save and reload the project, etc. Nothing resets the behavior.

    Hope that this helps someone clear this up. If anyone knows a better way to report bugs to the API, let me know.

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    Friday, September 28, 2018 3:54 AM