Design issue while creating rule matrix RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

       I have a situation where I need to send correspondence based on the criteria. I have lots of criteria in my form.

    eg. consider I have these criteria s ( Type, Status and Priority. )

    Type might be (Type1 or Type2 or Type3). can select only one.

    Status might be (New or InProgress or Closed) can select only one.

    priority might be (Standard or Expedited). can select only one.

    My table might look like

    Type Status Priority Template
    Type1 New Standard Template 1
    Type 1 New Expedited Tempalte 2
    Type 2 New Standard Tempalte 3
    Type 2 * Standard Template 4
    Type 3 * * Template 5

    The * above indicates, it can hold any value for status. ie., New/ InProgress/ Closed) for Type 2.But since we have a dedicated template for Type 2 for New status, the Template 4 should be used for Type 2 for status InProgress/ Closed with Standard priortiy. 

    And for Type 3, I would be selecting Template 5 always irrespective of Status and priority.

    Is it the best way to save the data because I have 10 criteria s in my form and I have lots of "*" in them.

    Or is there a better way to configure template for 10 criterias. kindly advice.


    Wednesday, March 9, 2016 7:03 PM