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  • I have paid for OFFICE 365 for business and I have downloaded Office 2016 in my laptop.  I create in Access in a new database tables with relationships and then a form with secondary forms.  The secondary forms are created with wizard combined with  the proper keys. But when I open the main form the secondary forms open but they don't work properly because the keys don't combine . The same database works perfectly in another pc with access 2010. Then  I  download one of access ready made databases and I see that it also has issues. I'm not an expert but I work with access 2010 a lot and I have designed databases  with many tables and relationships and queries so i can't figure out what the problem is with this simple database in access 2016. Perhaps the installation is not  o.k. or do i have to setup any parameter? 

    Sincerely , Konstantina Zevgitou

    Wednesday, November 1, 2017 2:07 PM