Restoring Workflow Speed to Former Glory RRS feed

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  • In order to make correction of data of a extremely big list easier (and also to satisfy our projects business requirements), I used SharePoint 2013 list workflows that called web services to create and update items in another database as they were updated in SharePoint. While the workflows worked perfectly, I have found that the entire process has caused a sizable performance lag in the workflow process (which I strongly suspect is from subjecting SharePoint to a million or more tiny workflows), enough to get our testers complaining (whereas responsiveness before all the small workflows was acceptable).

    Currently, the only method that has worked so far is to completely remove Workflow Manager from SharePoint then completely re-install it. Unfortunately this renders all our list workflows unusable as they rely on an association that, to my knowledge, cannot be changed and no longer exists, and they have to be rebuilt manually, which is becoming less feasible as time goes on. I know there is also a 60 day cleanup job but my company does not have 60 days to wait. My attempts to change the speed and run the job did not seem to work, although I could have done it wrong.

    My question is this: Is there a way to restore SP2013 Workflow speed to 'freshly installed' speed without uninstalling Workflow Manager completely or otherwise having to recreate the list workflows? I can delete historical or transaction data or pretty much any data that is not a workflow or list item.

    Monday, May 18, 2015 12:57 PM