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  • I use Access 2016 almost daily as a single-user database to manage data for one of my projects.  The data has internal relationships, and reporting requirements that were too complex to effectively manage in Excel, so I chose Access over Excel.  I've been using and expanding this single-user databases for several years now, so I'm fairly good at developing Access tables, queries, forms and reports, but not much beyond that. I do know how to develop visual basic applications, but have only scratched the surface of VBA and the Access API.

    I have an upcoming development project to create a database that will be used by a handful of coworkers to manage shared project data.  I have started researching to find best methods for developing Access databases for multiple users, but have not had much luck finding good reference sources.  The majority of the tutorials and support out on the Internet seem to be beginner level for basic table and form creation, and don't dive too deeply into how to properly build a more robust multi-user database application. 

    Essentially, I'd like the database to have a front-end menu system (probably form/button based), and allow more than one user to simultaneously add, edit, query or report on data.  I want to build in some data protections such as changes should not be made without the user saving and confirming and lookup tables should not be expandable or editable except by a manager level.  Additional features such as e-mail notifications, and similar would be nice add-ons for the future.  There doesn't have to be a sophisticated front-end security system, but individual users should have established 'log-ins" with varied levels of roles for data access.  The entire database will probably consist of only 4 main tables and related forms, and a half dozen lookup tables associated with combo/list boxes. There is nothing really complex here, I just want to have it work well for it's intended use.

    Can someone point me in the direction of some good web-sites, books or training programs, that teach the fundamentals of Access application development, so I can learn the best approach to effectively develop this database?

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

    Keith Brower

    Wednesday, March 14, 2018 7:51 PM

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