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  • My dataset contains the usual fields, say... EmployeeId (int) and EmployeeName (string), and so on.
    Then I included a reference to a generic List. The idea was that all the elements in this list
    contain the actual records of the employee activities, sort of like a log. All these log information would
    be automatically be group'ed by the previous general employee information fields.

    I want to do this because I tried just passing a flat dataset of all log rows containing employee
    information and use Row Group on all the fields that repeat. It slowed the report creation by alot
    since this report is huge with thousands of employees and many more rows for each employee.
    I was wondering if I could do the grouping in the dataset side.

    If there is any efficient way to achieve this could someone let me know?
    Thank you.

    Friday, September 30, 2011 7:17 PM