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    >>is there some updates for vs2010 to use xamarin ,if so please help.

    As far as I know, only VS2015 and VS2013 were the recommended edition to user Xamarin.  So if possible, try to use VS2015 or VS2013 version.


    You can work with all Xamarin features through any edition of Visual Studio 2015 (Community, Professional, and Enterprise). Note also that as of March 31 2016, Xamarin is included with all editions of Visual Studio 2015 and no longer requires a separate license. For Visual Studio 2013, you can install Xamarin separately, as the Setup and install topic describes.

    I am not sure whether the VS2010 supports Xamarin, as the Xamarin has its' own forum. You can try to ask this question to the Xamarin forum as well:

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    Friday, October 28, 2016 6:01 AM