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  • Due to the difficulty, expensive adapter, of a consumer getting Kinect for Windows. There are practically no games for PC, other than prototype demonstrations.

    Hey, it is not that different on Xbox One, trust me. There are many games that use Kinect features, except the most important one, skeletal tracking. And there are only several ones that work only with Kinect.

    You can use Kinect for skeletal tracking in games that use a VR headset though:

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  • "There are practically no games for PC, other than prototype demonstrations."

    I beg to differ strongly on quote above but they may not be known to everyone:)

    For Kinect V2 at least three main games are available at Microsoft Store (old name Windows Store) from Mixxus Studio. There are free demos. These are both "ordinary" games for fun and exercise and can also be used in physical therapy settings. (You can search on Microsoft Store for "Kinect" or the name of the game.)

    The Kinect games are:
    Astronaut Journey (new)
    Country Ramble Games
    Country Ramble Demo
    Wall Ball for Kinect

    You can read and watch tutorials on
    And we certainly expect both more games and updates for those already made if it'll be possible with the new Kinect for Azure device form.
    There may be other games from other studios/individuals? Would be fun if they listed them here. Agree on that there are too few Kinect games though, expected it to be much more since the Unity package.

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