Experience uploading and downloading files to Azure Blob RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    has anyone done sending multiple small or large files to Azure Blob and could share the experience of the time it took to finish?

    I already worked with sending PST to O365 and it was very traumatic, although my data link was great, there is a limitation on the Microsoft side. So the solution was to do parallel uploads.

    That was a very bad experience. I do not want to have the same with Azure Blob.

    In the documentation it says information, but I do not trust it.

    I did some tests now and see the conclusion I got.

    Source 1 (100Mb Link)
    Download: 94Mbps
    Upload: 71Mbps
    Azure Upload: 537KB / s = 4.58 Mbps

    Source 2 (20Mb Link)
    Download: 19Mbps
    Upload: 18Mbps
    Azure Upload: 173KB / s = 1.38 Mbps

    Source 3 (30Mb Link)
    Download: 38Mbps
    Upload: 22Mbps
    Azure Upload: 328KB / s = 2.62 Mbps

    Using as a base (Source 1) that has a 100Mb link:
    Total Transfer = 50TB / 4.58Mbps = 3 Years

    I think the best way to send the data is using import / export, right?

    Thank you.

    Sunday, June 3, 2018 5:26 PM

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