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  • I am sorry if this question is not apt for this forum. kindly point me to the right one.

    I lead a small team of developers in a bank, we manage many applications some of them are written by us, others have been handed over to us for maintenance and enhancement.

    In most of our applications, developers have chosen to put configuration values in XML files. The operations staff who deploys our apps say that they cannot remember the structure of so many XML files and therefore need a tool for editing of config values.

    Although we can write a AsP.NET app for each applications XML file, it might be too much of development. What I want to achieve is

    1. Standardize on config file format
    2. tool api used to do configuration.
    3. A generic tool which allows us to change values via UI for all apps.

    (Although .net does give a configuration reading api, it doesn't allow us to provide a generic UI based editor for all the config files of various apps).

    can you please let me know how can we best approach this problem? The idea is to consitenly configure and edit configuration values.

    I will greatly appreciate your help!

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  • Probably this question should be moved to the Architecture forum.

    An option for you would be to externalize all the configuration to the database, so for all the application you will have only one, single configuration storage.
    Vitaliy Liptchinsky http://dotnetframeworkplanet.blogspot.com/
    Tuesday, December 22, 2009 10:14 AM
  • this is a common problem.

    if you are happy with xml, then it is quite acceptible to use it for deriving a common schema for all your apps.  developing a config editor is pretty easy really, its possible to deserialise your 'settings' without having to know xml. that together with control bindings makes it easy to bind UI elements to properties in your classes.

    try to minimize any storing of settings in a database .  where does one store the name of the database to connect to for one thing.  for that you will need a bootstrap config file and then you are back to the xml again.

    Micky D
    Thursday, March 11, 2010 6:10 AM