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  • Our SharePoint environment is set up with two content databases.  One was created for our Finance department because I guess early on it was determined that they require a larger amount of storage space.  The other content database is for the rest of the company.

    OUr DBA indicated that MS states the best practice for content database storage is at or below 100 GB.  Both of our content databases are well above the recommended limit and growing (Finance – 180 GB, Portal – 141 GB).  As you can see Finance in particular is nearly twice the recommended storage limit.

    We have a request to create a new Finance site with storage requirements of 25 GB/year.  

    Can someone provide some insight into what tyeps of issues we might already be facing operating at nearly twice the recommended storage capacity and what might be the impacts of continuing to pile on. 

    What might we do to accomodate a request for another site in this environment?



    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 4:43 PM

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  • The recommendation depends on what version of SharePoint you are running and its not a firm limit.  In general its best to keep 2007 content databases at about 100 GB, 2010 can go to 200 GB.  But the real issue centers on two things. 

    1. Maximum Database size needs to be driven by how much you can backup and restore in the time limits imposed by your service level agreements.  If you can't backup databases over 100GB then you shouldn't be using databases over 100GB.
    2. The second factor is how you use SharePoint.  Databases over the maximum recommended size tend to have performance degradation due to SQL locks if you are doing a lot of collaboration.  If the content is more of a read-only portal that is less of an issue and you can run a much bigger database.  I know some companies running databases approaching 2TB for read only content without a problem.

    So the solution to this is that if you create a new site collection you can put it in a new content database.  That site collection can then grow to what you consider to be the maximum size for your SLA.  If your current systems are working fine and users don't complain about performance you can probably go to about 200 GB max size for content databases.

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    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 6:31 PM