Multiple table record in crystal report RRS feed

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  • i have 5 table in a dataset , i design the dataset withe five table  named

    1. VPatient(LABID, PatientName, Age, RelativeName, EntryDate, EnterBy, Email, PUID, CashReceiptNo, TotalAmount, PaidAmount, Balence)
    2. ResultMaste(LABID, TestID, Result, Opnion, Coments, ReferenceRanges,DelDate, TestStatus, ReadytoPrint, Charges, Abnormal, VerifiedBy, EnterBy)
    3. ResultMicrscopy(LABID, TestID, PusCell, RBCs, SquCell, CocciGram, Bacilligram, AFB)
    4. ResultParmeter(LABID, TestID, TPID, ParmeterName, Result, Abnormal)  
    5. ResultSensitivity(LABID, TestID, Organisam, Drug, Sensitivity)

    Vpatient have one ti many relationship with ResultMaster (mondatry),

    ResultMaster have one to many  relationship with ResultParmeter ,

    ResultMaster have one to many  relationship with ResultMicrscopy and

    ResultMicrscopy have one to one relationship with ResultSensitivity

    i want vpatient fields on pageheader sectiont and its childs tables data in detail section but for each patient  i want a separate page

    how to design crystal report for these tables , is it posible with out sub report .

    please help me some one

    data set image is


    Note: i am using vs2008 and
    Monday, October 31, 2011 1:28 PM