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  • Environment: - SharePoint 2007 (sp1) (64 bit OS and 64 bit MOSS 2007)
    Question\concerns:- Document library limitation

    As per this link


    The limitation of documents in a document library is 2,000,000.

    We in our organization have a SharePoint site with a document library; all the documents are being placed in the single document library.

    As the limitation of a folder in SharePoint document library is to hold only 2,000 documents, we are not creating the folders, and the documents are placed at the root of the library

    The process of placing the documents in the document library is totally customized.  What I mean to say is, the users have been given a separate custom page with all the required metadata to enter while uploading the documents.

    Likewise when the user wants to view the document a custom search (not SharePoint search) searches the document library and then displays the documents to the end user.

    The default GUI interface of SharePoint is not visible to the user and the user does not user the capability in the document library to filter the documents (except the Admin if required)

    1)      Will we be having any issues if above mentioned scenario is followed?

    2)      At this point in time the documents in the document library are 60,000?

    3)  what steps can be taken to overcome any kind of issue?



    Appreciate your time and advice




    Monday, July 12, 2010 10:44 PM


  • The actual hard limit of a document library is 5,000,000 not two million. The maximum recommended limit (arrived through multiplying 2000 (number of folders) and 2000 (number of documents per folder is 4,000.000.


    Without knowing what the documents are for sure it's impossible to say 100% that your design is bad but as a general rule you should be looking to have more than one document library (with maybe 2K to 5K documents) and if at all possible no folders.


    Putting existing files into a single document library with folders are usually the act of people who can't be bothered to look through and catagorize their existing files before moving them in bulk to a SharePoint system. In effect they are just moving their file system (folders and folders within folders within folders) to SharePoint. They then gain most of the negatives (larger space needed for the documents; much slower backup / restores) with little of the advantages.


    I also have my doubts when a newcomer to SharePoint decides that they need to "totally customize" the act of "placing the documents in the document library". You should first just use the system as it was conceived and use special code only when absolutely necessary. For uploading documents it's rarely needed as the UI is OK as it is.

    (and why you should need a custom search ... the SharePoint (SPS/MOSS) Search has always been one of the reasons for using SharePoint.)

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