let me add custom menu items which run "command window" commands RRS feed

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  • Because I work from different locations (office, laptop, home), I need to be able to quickly switch between Visual Studio window layouts.

    In VS2010, I was easily able to accomplish this by creating a custom menu item that ran a macro to import my desired saved window layout settings files.

    In VS2012, macros are entirely gone, so I'm not able to do this.

    I got my hopes up when I realized that the VS "Command Window" lets me invoke the same commands, but was very disappointed to find that I wasn't able to create custom menu items for these commands if arguments were required.

    Bottom line: I want to create a menu item and shortcut key for a command like this:
      Tools.ImportandExportSettings /import:"C:\Users\robs\My Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Settings\WindowLayout-Multi.vssettings"

    Currently, the only way to do this seems to be to write an extension using the VS SDK - this is WAY more work than it should be.

    Am I missing something?

    Monday, August 27, 2012 2:59 PM