how to use the http solicit send adapter for receiving a response RRS feed

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    I have a requirement where i need to read xml data from a http url and process it. it is simple. I have a url something like http://www.<sitename>.com/VirtalDirectory?param1=1&Param2=2 if I type this browser I get an xml displayed.

    So how do I configure the http solicit send port to get the xml response back. I tried putting the entire url with query string. I then have a receive port that can receive any document. I then have this send port subscribed to the messages from the receive port. what I expected was to get the response. Acctually I know I doing it wrong here as I am trying to send a file to tyhe http link and get a response back while the http link does not require any file. It only requires the query string. So how do I use http solicit send adapter.

    Thanks in advance PLEASE HELP



    Tuesday, July 5, 2011 4:06 PM