SQLQueryNotificationService-GUID running on queue databasename.dbo.sqlqueryNotificationService-GUID output the followoing, 'Can not execute as teh database principal because "dbo" does not exits, This type of Principal cannot be impersonated, or you do


  • I have gone through many threads which advocate the above problem is may be due to insufficient privliges OR a falsy setup of broker service.

    I have checked the articles which present solution i.e


    these are nice article to find the solution but in my case these are not helpfull as i have done what is listed in these articles but the problem remains the same:)

    i am frequently observing the following error in my windows Application log

    The activated proc [dbo].[SqlQueryNotificationStoredProcedure-f27ecb39-bbaf-4ef7-b9bf-5aa301511d64] running on queue Database.dbo.SqlQueryNotificationService-f27ecb39-bbaf-4ef7-b9bf-5aa301511d64 output the following:  'Cannot execute as the database principal because the principal "dbo" does not exist, this type of principal cannot be impersonated, or you do not have permission.'

    i have checked the queues and service and none is available with the name [dbo].[SqlQueryNotificationStoredProcedure-f27ecb39-bbaf-4ef7-b9bf-5aa301511d64], Also no stored procedure is available with this name in the convern database!

    Can someone please explain!

    1:  How to stop these errors as these are bloating the applicaiton log with event iID 9724
    2:  How to reslove the problem :)
    3:  Does SQLQueryNotification create problem for IIS as a whole?

    4: It Seems the notification brings the website to its knees why ?

    I realy appritiate if someone has any clue?


    Talib Butt

    Monday, June 10, 2013 9:13 AM

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