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  • Hi, I need advice.

    I'm a novice programmer with no real experience in the following:

    . No computer programming background (other than self-study)

    . No C/C++ development experience

    . No Windows API Programming experience

    . No Excel Development experience (Other than VBA)

    . Some (limited) experience with Python, C, C++, Visual Basic, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP

    I would like to create dynamically linked functionality for the Excel Office application.  I realize that this is a very ambitious undertaking and I've mapped out the following course.

    . Learn C++ (Textbook suggestions ?)

    . Use "Financial Applications using Excel add-in Development in C/C++" as a guide

    . Start using Visual Studio IDE (Professional Edition ?)

    Am I on the right track and what am I overlooking ?

    I am aware this will be a very difficult undertaking, but I have time and I want to take this project on.

    Thanks, Phil

    Phil Funk


    (h) 248.254.3014

    Saturday, May 17, 2014 5:19 PM

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