MediaProcessor Error MesCould not find file 'C:\user\tasks\workitems\wamsprod30ed9213\sage: job-0000000001\db79\wd\db79\Input\b48011a7-d1d9-44a9-89bc-b042e20d9970\interview.wmv' RRS feed

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  • Hi,all:

    SDK throws an error after sumitting jobs:

    The job stopped due to cancellation or an error. *************************** Job ID: nb:jid:UUID:b7908c02-57c1-fa40-95c2-030943ce9fca Job Name: nb:cid:UUID:9a865f8c-7bd3-f447-a208-adeb44cf0317 Job State: Error Job started (server UTC time): 1/21/2013 6:34:43 AM Error Details: Task Id: nb:tid:UUID:30ed9213-84ff-45f6-afbe-df9137cae9b3 Error Code: MediaProcessor Error Message: Could not find file 'C:\user\tasks\workitems\wamsprod30ed9213\job-0000000001\db79\wd\db79\Input\b48011a7-d1d9-44a9-89bc-b042e20d9970\interview.wmv'. ***************************

    Here are the steps we do :

    //1.get the container of the asset and the blob:
    ILocator destinationLocator = GetAccessLocator(assetToBeProcessed.Id);
                if (destinationLocator == null)
                    //If faile to get locator Create a locator to get the SAS url:
                    IAccessPolicy writePolicy = _context.AccessPolicies.Create(assetToBeProcessed.Id, TimeSpan.FromMinutes(10), AccessPermissions.Write | AccessPermissions.List);
                    destinationLocator = _context.Locators.CreateSasLocator(assetToBeProcessed, writePolicy, DateTime.UtcNow.AddSeconds(-5));
                //Create the reference to the destination container:
                string destinationContainerName = (new Uri(destinationLocator.Path)).Segments[1];
                    _container = _blobStorage.GetContainerReference(destinationContainerName);
    assetFileToBeProcessed = assetToBeProcessed.AssetFiles.Create(FileName);
    blob = _container.GetBlockBlobReference(assetFileToBeProcessed.Id);
    //2.We upload file into the blob directly instead of using assetFile.Upload().
    //3.create encoding job.
                // Declare a new job.
                IJob job = _MSContext.Jobs.Create(BlobGuid);
                // Get a media processor reference, and pass to it the name of the 
                // processor to use for the specific task.
                IMediaProcessor processor = GetLatestMediaProcessorByName("Windows Azure Media Encoder");
                // Create a task with the encoding details, using a string preset.
                ITask task = job.Tasks.AddNew(BlobGuid,
                    "H264 Broadband 720p",
                // Specify the input asset to be encoded.
                // Add an output asset to contain the results of the job. 
                // This output is specified as AssetCreationOptions.None, which 
                // means the output asset is in the clear (unencrypted). 
                task.OutputAssets.AddNew("Output asset",AssetCreationOptions.None);
                // Launch the job. 

    But the job failed with the error shown above.

    Is there any thing We did wrong ?

    We are using sdk

    Best regards.

    Eddy Lin

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  • We are investigating this reported issue and will reply back on this thread shortly.

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