Replay exist event stream


  • Hi, 
    I have event stream stored in a database. 
    Each event has single point-in-time in which it occurs as well as event type and other information. 
    I would like to use Rx (specifically RxJS if possible) to process the events and find high-order patterns in them. 

    For example, we log each time someone fail to login into our system and each time successful login occurs. I would like to create a Rx selector that will find all login-failed events that do not have login-success in the next 15 minutes. I would like to correlate between the events using sessionID property I have on each event. 

    Am I abusing Rx by using it here or not? 
    If not should I use TestScheduler to create the events in the absolute point-in-time they occur?

    (I've ask this question in rx on codeplex)

    Monday, November 04, 2013 2:38 PM