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  • Hi,

    In connection to migrating to TFS2017 we are also trying out both a more modern way of working using the built in agile tools *and* also using a team-based structure inside a single TFS-project, but are stuck on a limitation, possibly based on our use case. 


    Is there a way around the limitation described below, or are there some other, better ways, to achieve the essence of what we try to achieve?

     Description of Use Case (the picture below is a summary)

    • We have a number of teams each maintaining a number of systems (up to seven systems per team; see example of the team/system structure in picture below; Team A, B, C etc. are the main team levels; System 1, 2, 3 etc. are the system levels - i.e. the systems being maintained by each team).
    • Each "system" could have a separate product owner so it would be most useful to define also a "TFS-team" for each system to allow each product owner to order their own backlog and visualize work items on a separate Kanban Board.
    • Since sprints for each system could run in parallel and also overlapping it would be most useful to have the teams work on the team node instead of work spread out on multiple system nodes; this would give an integrated view of all work in progress for each team.
    • Since Kanban boards on different levels can only synchronize to the basic process states, only one of the levels can in effect be further subdivided into columns (like "Committed" being split into "Coding", "Code ready", "Ready for Test" etc.). In our case the subdivision is useful on the team node where the teams will do their work.


    1. When, on the "team node", showing the "Board Column" from the Kanban board in the backlog listing or a query, it shows the "Board Column" from the level below, the "system node" instead of the "team node". This renders these functions very much less useful since the relevant column on the "team node" cannot be made visible outside the actual graphical Kanban Board; a similar example of what's not working is aggregating "item counts" in Kanban columns using query tiles on a dashboard.
    2. If, to solve the problem in 1., we skip creating TFS-teams on the system node evel there is instead no way to order the backlog items related to a single system only in the backlog view (it can be done on a filtered Kanban board but it is awkward and suboptimal to using the backlog listing).

    Picture summarizing the use case:

    Very much appreciate any feedback or ideas,

    Monday, October 23, 2017 4:58 PM

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