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  • My main problem is to do with me accidentially choosing the wrong default program for a certain file, and I can't find the right program to use, and I hope you can help to tell me how I can reset it to the original default program.

    The background story is:
    I downloaded a .jar executable file today, but did not realise I didn't have Java installed before downloading. I was set with a list of default programs, and I picked Google Chrome in a panic (As that is what the .jar file eventually opens as, but I believe another program may link it). I then installed the latest version of Java, and went to open the file in my downloads folder. The file is supposed to open the web address [http://localhost:2014/scramble] , but instead asks me to save the original file again. If java was pre-installed on my system, from previous experience, the file would have opened the correct web address when opened. Unfortunately, I picked a default program too early, and I can't find the program in my files I need (As I believe I need the program which links it to Google Chrome, which I don't know). I need to reset the file so that it resets to the original default program, and opens what it needs to, to get the file to open the right things. I hope you can help me with this :) 

    The above text was copied from a chat I had on the Microsoft Chat Support. The Chat Reference no. was 1359425554. One thing I had to re-clarify (Which I will do here) is that all Chrome does is ask me to save an exact copy of the original file I try to execute, which is a .jar file named TNoodle-WCA-0.11.3.jar . 

    After giving the Microsoft Answer Tech this last portion of information, I was directed to here so I could be given further help in this situation. I hope you can help me, and I'm happy to talk!

    Monday, October 17, 2016 10:46 PM