Matrix Vs Table in Report RRS feed

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  • It seems like table and matrix does pretty much same work. 
    Can anyone tell me when should i use one to the other? 

    Thursday, June 25, 2009 3:25 PM


  • Table reports are a set number of columns and rows, although the rows are dynamic based on the dataset and values placed in them, with the intersection of the two being a field.  The grouping for a tabular report is on teh rows only, i.e. group employees by department, and can not be done on the columns.

    Consider a report that requires yo to have a columnar grouping of the past three years and include the months, however as we are only in June yo do not wish to show any months or data for any future months for 2009.  

            2007            2008              2009
    Jan Feb Mar...  Jan Feb Mar...  Jan Feb Mar...

    In order to do this within a tabular report you would have to do quite a bit of merging and for the upcoming year(s) and months you would have to manually update the columns.  As a matrix allows both grouping by columns and rows this would be easy and as data is entered for each month the report would provide the updates at rendering.

    This is a rather simplistic example, but a very common type of report requirement.  Matrix based reports can be considered more like pivot tables or cross tab reports and provide a great deal more flexibility then a tabular fixed column/row(s) type report.

    Hope this helps!

    David Dye
    Thursday, June 25, 2009 3:47 PM