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  • I have an API app that uses AAD for authentication This all works fine from my web browser. Within the API app, I want to access data from a project server installation using the Project Server Interface (PSI). Actually using FluentPS services, but that uses the PSI behind the scenes.

    If I hard code in the parameters I need (username, password, create a cookie) then I can use the FluentPS Services, and by extension the PSI.

    What I want to do is try to automate the process so that rather than hard coding specific user information, I use the credentials of the user that logged into the API. I should be able to just access the PSI using the credentials of the user, without re-specifying credentials. The account username and password used to authenticate against AAD is the same username and password I have hardcoded.

    I do not have anything additional setup for the project server instance in AAD, as far as permissions to authenticate. I don't think I need (nor do I want to) do this. Since I can manually create the authentication to the PSI within the API app and that works.

    Any suggestions on how to generate the authentication I need from within the API app?

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