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  • I am currenty integrating with the exchange web services from a proprietary system.  The existing integraiton uses WebDAV for exchange integration and this implementation uses a guid created on the proprietary system and creates an exchange item with this guid creating the linkage from the proprietary record and exchange record.

    I wanted to follow this same suit for the exchange web services integration, but it seems you cannot set the ItemId of an exchange item when calling the CreateItem method.  Is there anyway with EWS that I can pass up my own unique identifer during the exchange item creation?  Somehow I need to associate this proprietary record with the exchange item.  I know this can be done vice versa when the createitem returns the item id, but since the current implementation creates the proprietary record first and then creates the exchange item with the proprietary record's unique id (guid) I need to do something very similiar with my upcoming due date on this project.



    Wednesday, August 17, 2011 1:14 PM

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