Security analyses of executables without PDB in BinSkim RRS feed

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  • I used to use BinScope to analyze hardening of Windows executables and it used to work even without PDB files except that it can't produce correct findings on GS if there is no PDB.

    Following the deprecation of BinScope and release of the new tool from Microsoft, BinSkim, I switched to it and tried using it.
    The executables I am analyzing does not have a PDB so the scan is raising an exception:

    "Unexpected fatal runtime condition(s) observerd: ExceptionLoadingPdb"

    Does BinSkim support scanning executables without PDB? If yes, how?
    If no, what choice do I have given I don't have a PDB and I can't obtain one?

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    Monday, August 7, 2017 9:06 AM