Best practices for sending recurring meeting invites for 1000+ invitees RRS feed

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  • Hi there,

    I had asked this question in the Microsoft Community first and they suggested I try here. 

    I manage a large internal recurring meeting which has now grown to 1000+ members. Traditionally I relied on just adding names individually in the To line in Outlook meeting, but as you can imagine, this is getting cumbersome. It's also a pain to manage the meeting because new folks keep on joining the meeting, and some folks want to leave. 

    Unfortunately, Outlook doesn't really seem to be designed to manage such large groups efficiently but I'm exploring ways of doing this better. I've tried a couple of different techniques and each has it's pros & cons, and I'm looking for advice on what is the best way to do this in Outlook. I've switched off Collect Responses and Forwarding but that still only addresses part of the problem. And sometimes, my inbox can be overwhelmed with the Out of Office replies.

    So if I were to list out my requirements

    - Maintain an alias for the group, preferably globally accessible, but not a hard requirement

    - Easy to add/remove names and maintain list

    - Outlook automatically sends/deletes invitees based on latest list

    - Updates only go to added/deleted users instead of everyone

    - Prefer not to receive an OOO replies

    - Prefer not have outlook expand the list name before sending

    - Have a recurring meeting reserved on attendees calendars

    1. Just add names to To in Outlook Meeting invite


    -Easy to add members


    - Difficult to remove members: Have to manually search through the To list to remove names which aren't sorted alphabetically

    - When adding new members, Outlook will send the invite to ALL invitees instead of just new members. 

    - Meeting size is over 2MB because of how many invitees

    - No group alias

    2 Create an AD group: 

    I can create an AD group, which allows me to use in Outlook.


    - Meeting Invite contains just one group name

    - The group is global so others can also use this group alias to send a group message


    - When new names are added/deleted to the AD group, the meeting invite is not updated for them

    - Outlook expands the group prior to sending so it takes a long time to send

    - Maintaining AD group is not easy and I don't have the proper tools to do this. Have to add/remove names individually which is quite painful. 

    3. Create an Outlook Group

    Add all the names to a local Outlook Group


    - Easier to manage the group, search facility to remove names from the list.


    - No global alias, group is only available to me

    - Not sure how the meeting invite handles added/deleted names - will an update be sent to ALL invitees or to only the added/deleted users

    - Outlook will expand the alias so it would still take a long time to send

    Again, any help here would be truly appreciated, especially the recipients of my invites since the often complain about the frequency of meeting requests that get pushed through. 

    Is there some VBA code I can write that will help me achieve this desired behaviour?



    Monday, July 15, 2019 9:27 PM